Michelle/Adonai Group is blogging now!

The blogging universe has evolved greatly as a communications tools – for both the individual, and increasingly, for organisations.

To be honest, we’ve held off blogging for so long because we didn’t know what to say, and who we were going to “talk to” on a blog space. But today, we are bursting with things to say and perspectives to share. about what is happening in the corporate space, and how rapid changes are going to impact businesses. Ideas to cope with and take advantage of these opportunities develop in our heads so fast that only by sharing, can these talking points and ideas can evolve into workable solutions.

As for our audience, that would be you – the thinking person who is looking for inspiration and fresh thoughts to make sense of what is happening in the business environment.

Nonetheless, the Adonai Group blog is not perfect – yet. While deciding whether to make the blog public or private, it occurred to us that we thrived best in challenging conditions, and the best way to figuring out how we can serve you better with the blog is to (in the words of the esteemed sports company Nike) “Just Do It”.

This blog, whilst its address states ‘AdonaiGroup’, this is because we found it difficult to separate Adonai Group the company, from Michelle, its founder. So although this might be confusing initially for us, and probably you, please bear with us as we do our learning and figure out how we can tame this beast of a blog – “live” and online.

Meanwhile, we ask for your patience and understanding while we continue to explore the power of WordPress, the range of the blog’s scope and content, its name, as well as the blog’s layout and design, amongst other technical things.

If you have any suggestions to what you would like to read on the blog, or contribute blog design ideas, please feel free to also leave your comment or drop us an email.

After all, this blog is about ideas and innovation. Without conversations, both are impossible. So drop us a note or comment! We’d love to hear from you!


About Michelle Ling

Michelle is the founder of Adonai Group Pte Ltd - a boutique business consultancy that advises organisations on organizational sustainability.
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