About Michelle

I am naturally inclined to observing and analysing the past and present, deconstructing what I experience to understand how things work. I could have been an engineer, or a scientist. But I’m not.

I love technology for how it helps simplify my life and puts information at the tip of my finger. I enjoy participating in usability and workflow discussions so that systems will be useful to the everyman, not just its programmer. I could be in the technology field. But I’m not.

I enjoy the company of people. Having conversations, learning new things and gaining new perspectives through them, collecting seemingly trivial personal information that helps bridge time in future conversations. I could be a reporter, a journalist or a marketer. But I’m not.

Adonai GroupWhat am I today?

I am about IDEAS. I live and breathe them. I find inspiration from the past and present, extracting its essence, mixing things up to create something new. It doesn’t always make sense, but that’s the nature of creating. I am Always Evolving.

What do I do exactly? and Why?

In 2005, I set up a business advisory consultancy – Adonai Group – as my vehicle:- first, to Push great ideas to businesses on organisational sustainability; second, to Connect these businesses to the right people to turn these ideas into reality.

At that point in 2005, I had already gathered adequate business experience, learning – through study, observation and personal experience – how businesses truly worked (sadly, mostly with myopic eyes and blinkers) and how most business practices greatly underestimated (and therefore failed to plan for) the impact of people on business performance (I’m sure you know what I mean. If you don’t or you have an opinion on it, leave a comment).

Not one to sit on my hands, I wanted to effect a change in how organisations could go about “true organisation sustainability” and to help them go about doing that through my expert network.

So I decided to take the bull by its horns and started my own business advisory company to reach out to as many organisations that would listen, or better, to leaders that had the foresight (and knew they needed help from without).

So Who am I?

My name is Michelle Ling. And I am an Entrepreneur and the Managing Director/Chief Value Innovator of Adonai Group Pte Ltd.

I’m really glad that you are reading this blog and I hope you leave some comments so that we can keep the conversation going!


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