About the Blog

This blog is a new initiative by Adonai Group and its Chief Value Innovator, Michelle (whom you’ve met in the earlier pages).

Welcome to Our Lab of Thoughts (and of sorts)

We started this blog as a “live experiment” because of a need to create a “virtual petri dish” where we could share and test our thoughts and concepts about Business Innovation for Organizational Sustainability (and just whatever crosses our mind).

Although this is our “lab”, we are not “real scientists”, which is why we decided to go ahead with a “work-in-progress” blogging model without having all the conditions in place. Instead, we are focused on building content as a priority , while concurrently tweaking the layout, design and, ahem…(this is embarrassing)….the blog name. Well, it is “sort of” like not giving your baby a proper name till it is delivered. So yes, we are in the period of gestation.

Why are we Blogging?

Reason One:

Each post is inspired by a thought triggered by an article or personal experience. While we’d like to be geniuses and create a new theory on business innovation and sustainability (and as a result, win a Nobel Prize) , we prefer to focus on our immediate impact on organisations and people.

So with each post, we aim to provide an easily digested perspective on business innovation that can be referenced when you reach a point where innovation for survival becomes a necessity.

Reason Two:

We’ve noticed that whenever an organisation fails or messes up big-time (I’m sure you have your favourite example), it is often due to the lack of common sense in the organisation’s set up, their leaders and their decisions.

Therefore, we’d like to do something positive through this blog and instead of analysing what went wrong (usually greed and shareholder pressure), we will focus on how smarter organisations can do better and stay clear from being a “failed” organisation, or in Hollywood terms, a “Has Been”.

Reason Three:

This reason is a little more commercially motivated. But I’d be lying if I said that this blog is purely to serve the interests of the business community and interested individuals.

We’ve been told several times by potential clients that while they appreciated our concept of “Innovation for Organisational Sustainability”, they didn’t know where to “place” us exactly. Whenever they said that, I knew immediately that they were the wrong people to talk to. This was often confirmed with their final question: “By the way, do you do training?” (Sure I do training, but not as a product but as a part of a solution we’ve developed for the organisation).

But they didn’t get it.

They were looking at an operational solution, while I provided a strategic one.
(This Dilbert Strip Says it All).


So, the reason why this blog exists is to put our thoughts in the public domain so that organisations and thinking individuals can take their time to understand how we think, like (or dislike) what they see, and decide how they can “fit us into their picture”.

In other words, we are hoping that through this blog, you will like us (and our ideas!) enough to want us to help you.


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