House Rules

As with all things to do with order, we have some guidelines to help keep this blog relevant and stress-free for its readers, commentators and for me.

Since commenting is a way we can have a conversation, we are implicitly entering into a “relationship” of sorts (sounds all “legal-ly” doesn’t it?). So, before you comment on this blog site,  here are some reasonable “commitment vows” you’ll need to make to keep the sanctity (and sanity) of the blog. And in return, I will commit to a set of “commitment vows” to protect you and your comments.

Your (Commentator’s) Vows

I will:

  • Avoid comments that intentionally hurt, defame or patronise the author or other commentators.
  • Stay on topic (no one appreciates a “wise guy”)
  • Keep my comments short and concise.
  • Cite my sources with quotes and inline quotes
  • Contribute new (or “old” ones with a new spin) ideas to the discussion
  • Not comment for the sake of commenting or “flaming”
  • Know when to comment, and when to send an email (If it is personal, requires face-to-face interaction, or a more in-depth request for information about a specific issue, please email)
  • Own my comment and therefore, use my name when leaving a comment, instead of hiding behind “anonymous”
  • Keep the tone clear as I know that sometimes jokes and sarcasm are taken wrongly on the online platform.
  • Be courteous

Michelle’s (Blogger) Vows:

I vow to only delete comments that:

  • Are abusive, off-topic, or use foul language
  • Contains racist, sexist or any other slurs
  • Are solicitations and/or advertising for personal blogs and websites
  • Use thread spamming (that is, you’ve posted the same comment on other pages or posts on this blog)
  • Are posted with the explicit intention of provoking other commentators or the author (that would be me!)
  • Are irrelevant to the blog’s purpose, or the blog topic
  • Do not abide by the “Commentators Vows”

If there are any missing “vows” that you think is a “must have” on this list, please leave a comment and if it is relevant, or makes me laugh (in a good way only!), I’ll update the list.


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